What Kind of Best Brand Products You Can Expect Now At the Huawei Store

Huawei Store
Huawei Store

Most Huawei smartwatches are equipped with LiteOS , especially the more modern models (the company used Wear OS from Google in the past). It is a proprietary operating system designed for wearable devices that is characterized by lightness and energy efficiency. Thanks to LiteOS, Huawei smartwatches are among the models with the best autonomy on the market. The manufacturer’s smartbands instead use a proprietary operating system. In the huawei store you can get the best options available.

Both LiteOS and the other systems used by Huawei ensure full compatibility with Android devices and iPhones (through special apps to be installed on the smartphone), but it must be said that in the iOS environment there is some less function: there Apple Watch remains the only smartwatch able to fully exploit all the potential of the hardware and software available.

Straps and personalization

Huawei smartwatch

A smartwatch can be worn on the go, as well as in the office at work or at an elegant dinner. It is therefore advisable to buy a watch with a suitable look for the occasions in which it is intended to be used more frequently or with interchangeable straps able to completely change the look of the watch in a few simple gestures.

In this sense, Huawei tries to please everyone by offering various editions of its smartwatches, each of which is characterized by different straps and construction materials. We don’t think you will have a hard time finding something suitable for you as well.

Best Huawei smartwatch

Once we have clarified the main differences between Huawei’s wearable devices and have deepened their technical characteristics a bit, we would say not to get lost in chat further and to see which are the best Huawei fitness trackers, smart bands and smartwatches, we are convinced that you will also find someone suitable for you.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is the quintessential Huawei smartwatch, as well as one of the best smartwatches you can buy right now on the market. It is available in two colors, Night Black and Nebula Gray, both offered with a titanium case and sapphire crystal. It implements a good quality circular AMOLED display with a diameter of 1.39 inches and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. It is clearly a touch-screen, with support for touch gestures and scrolling. There are also two variants: the Sport Edition with a fluoroelastomer strap, resistant and ideal for long training sessions, and the Classic Edition , aesthetically identical but with a leather strap, more refined although certainly less resistant.

As for the user experience, Huawei Band 6 is comfortable and light on the wrist. The material of the strap did not cause any irritation or discomfort to the skin: we also wore it at night to monitor sleep without particular problems or discomfort.

The most interesting aspect, which convinced us the most, is the battery life: despite the physical activity carried out daily (which therefore involves the continuous and prolonged activation of the heart rate monitor), after a week we still have 33% autonomy.


On a technical level we have several interesting technologies: proprietary Kirin A1 processor, GPS, NFC, optical sensor for detecting the heartbeat, accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor and finally atmospheric pressure sensor. It is sold with 4GB of integrated storage space, while along the case we also have a multifunction button to easily navigate between the LiteOS screens and the installed apps. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro also offers an autonomy of 14 days, higher than the average of the other competing models, and recharging can be done wirelessly through the charging base present in the original equipment.

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