Learn How To Use YouTube Cards In A Better Way

Learn How To Use YouTube Cards In A Better Way

Youtube is the second ranking platform after Netflix, driven by the video content. Also, it is one of the best platforms to grow your business or creator profile quickly. This is the reason why Youtube marketing is one of the fastest ways of reaching your goal.

However, if you are looking for the ways in which you can enhance your marketing strategy, then use youtube cards. These cards are the add-on features provided by youtube.

A youtube gift card can improve your youtube marketing strategy. It can also increase the views and engagement on your videos. You can also see these youtube cards as the CTAs to provide one-click action to your audience.

Although, a lot of youtubers get confused about how to use youtube cards. Well, this article is going to answer all the common queries. Continue reading to know the various benefits and work that can be done by these youtube cards.

Benefits of Youtube Cards(100)

The youtube cards can be used to bring action on your videos from the viewers’ end. These cards work as CTAs which increase the chances of your channel’s growth. You can add more visual components with the help of these cards.

With the help of a youtube gift card, you can fulfill the underlying objective of the videos too. These cards make your videos more interactive and thus, drive more viewers.

You can include images, links and the content which will be downloaded when the viewers click. Also, these youtube cards can appear at any point in time in the video.

Types of Youtube Cards and the motives they serve

There are five different types of youtube gift cards which can be used in your video:

  1. Video or playlist

This type of youtube cards helps in promoting other videos and playlists from your channel. Use this card to drive the audience to other videos on your channel or a certain playlist. It will increase the watch time and audience retention.

2. Channel

This youtube gift card helps you in adding another channel to your video. It helps when you collaborate or are getting paid to share their channel. This can also be used in influencer’s marketing. Collaborate with an influencer who suits your requirement for this.

3. Donation

This feature of youtube cards allows the viewers to make donations.  It is usually used by non-profit or a cause of choice events. By using this, you can raise funds to help someone yourself. Also, you can raise money for someone else’s noble cause by this card.

4. Poll

With this youtube gift card, you can allow the viewers to choose the best option. You can use this to know the likes and dislikes of your audience. This type of card helps when you get confused about the type of content you should create next.

5. Link

To add the link of an approved website outside youtube, this type of youtube card can be used. With the help of this card, you can drive your audience to your website or your other social media platforms.

Steps to use Youtube Cards in your videos

For youtube card making, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your Youtube Video Manager
  • Choose a video on which you want to add the youtube gift card and click on edit
  • Click on the Card Tab that appear on the top navigation bar
  • Click Add Card and then click on create on the type of card you want to add

After this, you will be asked to fill in the necessary information. Like the URL of the channel if you have chosen the channel youtube card. You will also have to fill a custom text and a teaser text for the same type of card.

However, donation youtube gift cards have certain constraints. It has to be an IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit. Otherwise, there is no way you can add this card.

You can add up to five youtube cards in a video. Drag them to make them appear where you want them too. Preview your video first before uploading to confirm that the cards are in place.


So, that is all you need to know about the usage of youtube gift cards in order to make your videos more accessible. Interactive and well-linked content is trending on social media platforms.

Make sure you are not missing on the tools that can help you make a huge difference in your performance. These youtube cards can help you reach your target objectives faster than normal.

Also, remember that the audience wants everything to be accessed easily and quickly. So, use these youtube cards in order to make a good impression on your viewers. If you get tired of doing all these then buy youtube views is the easiest way to grow your business profile.

Read The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Business as well. It will help you to know all the basics to grow your business profile.

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