3 Latest Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

There is no doubt that digital marketing goes through a revolutionary stage this minute and this revolution grows out fast. However, with the appearance of new pieces of technology arising daily and with changes in the area of digital advertising technologies online it is not enough to move with times. Being in advance of varied trends, one should wait with impatience for what happens next and then take steps in order to start a business where it should be.

            This article is going to be about three big events, which are to influence the environment namely online marketing one in 2020.

  1. The planet is moving to constructed realities rapidly

Do you remember a story about Pokemon Go from way back? Persons of any age butted up against cars and each other centering around this capturing reality. The gaming experience is how the masses understand VR and AR. There is also a huge opportunity because brands are able to use the technologies for improving customer experiences.

IKEA experiments with the technical process of virtual reality gaming since 2016, when a famous brand making furniture announced about the kitchen in virtual space, IKEA virtual reality experience is a trading app, designed to consumers so they could see different kinds of IKEA decisions, before making a purchase. The potential customers can explore the kitchen`s appearance, for example, through one click, coming along the space with ease, during tests of various finishing and cabinet-work decisions.

Only a short time ago, Nickelodeon engaged with constructed landscapes adding the latter regime to its device application and launched SlimeZone, «their first constructed reality multiuser human expertise». The kids` channel believes for the new hi-tech adds to be able to «holding the attention of the kids while distractive elements are around».

In the year 2019, we are most likely to see that more brands are to make courageous moves as have been mentioned above, reconsidering the attitude towards VR and AR, in order to add estimation to customer communications.

  1. A voice becomes a universal tool for search marketing

In the perception of ComScore, by the year 2020 half of search requests will be drawn on using a voice, which is prediction-making catchy marketing specialists sit and listen carefully. Speech-recognition technology as expected will grow more and faster and customers welcome the comfort of usage of artificial intelligence voice assistants with open arms.

In order to combine this tendency with digital marketing agency wisely, get onto voice and text differences. On more detail, have a thought of what your clients can possibly say instead of inputting a text query. In addition, it would be reasonable to begin writing tone that is more common in order to develop content, which grows up better with a voice search. Finally, if you have not done it yet, get your website optimized for mobile devices. In the great scheme of things, it was necessary to do only yesterday.

  1. Solutions based on artificial intelligence are everywhere now – from small big business

Comparing to 2018 when the brands began conducting experiments on electronic brain apps (Al), and computerized learning, the coming up 2019 will become a year of their right choice. Effectivization value, yield increase and higher client satisfaction become obvious from chatbots to RPA (robotic process automation).

In 2019, technologies of artificial intelligence will take customer-oriented marketing tools to the next level. There are huge differences in comparison to the results of the previous years! Expect a better prospective data analysis, broader client profiling and more complicated personality strategies.

Marketing specialists should draw attention to the possibility of using artificial intelligence in order to comprehend a kind of content a potential client consumes, whether it processes documents, support, created marketing content or user data, which will get more personated work experience with customers to be provided let alone a high client satisfaction.

As long as you begin delving into data you gather and keep, engagement of applications with intellectual appliques will be much of help for you to reach out to a target audience to high precision, improvement of the effectiveness, and making a way through for getting extraordinary user experience.

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