Easy and quickly expand your business abroad?

Easy and quickly expand your business abroad
Easy and quickly expand your business abroad

With Clonable it is possible to clone your website(s) to a domain(s) abroad, but with the advantage that your content will remain unique to Google. If you’re in possession of an English webshop for example, you would probably also like to sell your products in other countries where English is the native language. This makes a lot of sense because in general, those countries share the same language for over 99%. In addition, websites with a domain from their own country (.co.uk) rank better in Google than foreign domains.

By cloning your site to a domain abroad, you’ll tap into a new market and organic positions will start to rise. The website basically remains the same. It is up to you whether you want to change words, images, or code for the cloned site. It’s for example possible to change the logo, replace English words for keywords that are more common in the United States, like pullover to sweater or football to soccer.

Easy to use

With Clonable you can easily duplicate/clone your website without Google seeing your content as ‘duplicate content.

Due to the user-friendly interface of the Clonable backend, the tool is easy to use. The cloned version of your website will be online in a couple of minutes. Afterward, your website will be found better in foreign markets. Google will appreciate your clone better. And so will your customers. By changing words and images to local standards, customers are more likely to stay longer and convert more often on your website.

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What are the possibilities?

Clonable is a tool that helps you increase the reach of your website. By showing identical content, but specifically aimed at a market such as the Australian or United States market. The content is seen as (non-duplicate) content for Google. Another word for this is localization, and this brings 5 huge benefits:

  1. SEO | optimization works better
  2. Maintenance | Zero extra maintenance and zero hosting
  3. One dashboard/backend for two or more sites (useful for inventory management). You’ll only have to keep one site up-to-date.
  4. Conversion | The customer feels more secure in his own surroundings
  5. AdWords | Advertising with a unique site.