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Microsoft Office 2019

What is Filehippo Microsoft Office 2019 and How to Download it?

The Filehippo Microsoft Office 2019 release has become very popular among users throughout the world who wanted to create, control and manage their applications to rise in electronic productivity. Due to the new versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, MS Office 2019 managed to keep the position of the world`s most useful package to send home or work documents.

With the use of a new record handling method, this release presented us with a new graphics design called Fluent User Interface, which was focused on changing Show Case app form easy menu pubs into visually nice-looking “ribbons”.

One can get the package in 8 configurations beginning from a standard level of input and ending with a fully functioning Business and Ultimate ones.

Following a lot of surveys, many companies prefer not to update their routine operations to newer ones applying this productive package.

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Microsoft Office 2019 is one of the best solutions to make records. And for those who use this console, it is a must-have application. The majority of associations and foundations give thoughtful lessons on Microsoft Office promotion.

Filehippo Microsoft Office supports this point of view and no matter where you work, this decision is going to be the best for records making. There are places where .exe report is not allowed thus, you may open a portable office easily.

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The Filehippo Microsoft Office 2019 best features

  • Table context menu. There are tabs, which are known as contextual tabs, and seen only if some certain elements are chosen. They show productivity. For example, if to pick a picture, an image tab is open where alternative options to process a picture are presented. Focusing your attention on a desk the same way, you can choose options connected with a table on a certain tab. The table context menu remains hidden if only an important object is chosen.
  • Live preview. It is an additional feature for formatting a focused text or an object I to move the mouse on any formatting button. Temporary formatting is removed until a pointer arrow is removed from the button. It makes it to where users know what influence it makes on the appearance of the object basically without applying it.
  • Cloud-based computing. Now, you can make a reserve of any of your records with the help of a cloud device called SkyDrive and get access to it from any device, for instance, a tablet, a PC or a cell phone, let alone from any corner of the world. For now, there is no reason to get another USB for moving your item.
  • Get more options. Peruse more alternative is useful for making view as simple as it makes sense. Besides, it makes it to where your knowledge become better and find unbelievably precise records. Nowadays, there is no need to view a page. It makes the composition stream naturally in sections through differentiation.
  • Saving documents in PDF format. Unlike previous versions, Filehippo office 2019 software now can save documents in PDF format. However, you can do that only after you install and download a free Microsoft add-in. Also, you may open all the files created in previous versions and save them in PDF format.
  • A quick access toolbar. You can find this toolbar on the right from the Microsoft Office button in the upper left corner of the window. This Office button contains very useful shortcuts such as New, Redo, Save, Undo, etc.
  • PDF files editing. The last Office 2019 Portable version is perfect for changing reports in PDF format.
  • Saving. Now, files can be saved in .docx format, unlike the previous doc. X version defining XML, which can be more compact and safe. On the other hand, in case of a file to contain macros and other codes, it will be saved as .docm.
  • Inspector document. Microsoft office 2007 can now delete hidden data such as monitoring data, let alone changes about properties. These records can also use file inspector created in previous versions. It will help to check on a record to make sure a receiver did not get any hidden surprises.
  • Help system. There is an innovation system included in the Microsoft Office 2007 working the same way as the majority of Office 2007 software. A secondary window appears after you establish control upon of these ribbon tabs with a more distinguished text than before. A help tab contains more convenient and improved help text.
  • SmartArt graphics. This is a fresh term of PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. They are made based on graphic diagrams and forms you could make working in previous versions. However, there are additional options such as 3D effects, shadow, shine, and color formatting.
  • Images and videos. It makes possible to provide any kind of image and video in your report.
  • Stylus. Discount your archive with the help of a stylus and convert it efficiently.
  • Orthography check program. As soon as a record is made, you can check orthography let alone grammar because of scrolling a document down.
  • Multiple layouts.  New constructions were presented along with a new version, which allows making reports fast and effectively.
  • Print. If to press a print button, a dialog box appears with additional parameters. You will be able to choose the number of pages for your report and many more. One more thing is if you click on the right from the print element, three places will appear, which are print opening a print dialog box, then goes fast print parameter sending a file to the printer and a final print. A preview, which is to show how the record of the next print is going to look like.
  • Ribbon. It has wonderful potential in the main interface for access to main elements such as determination of shadow, choice of a textual style, size, and access to other main abilities.
  • The option of autocorrect. It is used for the auto-correction of reports in case of mistakes and misprints in a text. This option is quite new if to speak about Microsoft Office 2007 software.
  • Office button. It replaces the File menu and gives access to functions all the Office programs use such as open, print, save and common use of a document. Besides that, it can shut down the program. Users may also feel free to pick a color of the interface.
  • Other advantages. Textual styles contain a few different precise elements such as hyperlinks, replace of active synchronization, which allows promoting your email through known mechanisms of the newsletter. Moreover, it may help you to stay connected with different websites of non-formal communication (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) without leaving the page. 

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