How does Xfinity differ from Comcast & What services do it Provides?

Xfinity Internet

When it comes to cable systems and broadcasting, you must have heard of Comcast Corporation. Comcast ranks second among the most prominent companies of broadcast and cable television companies of the world in terms of revenue, first among the most significant pay-TV companies, cable TV companies and home internet service providers and third among home telephone service providers in the United States. Comcast operates Xfinity, which is their trade name that introduces us to Xfinity internetcable television and telephone. Xfinity was first brought up in 2010, before which all of its services were marketed under the name ‘Comcast’.

What is Xfinity?

Most people remain confused about Comcast and Xfinity because of the mixed brand names they keep hearing like ‘Comcast Xfinity’, ‘Xfinity by Comcast’ etc. Sometimes, these names are used interchangeably. All this confusion can go away by just one answer: Xfinity and Comcast share their roots till now, and Xfinity is a brand of Comcast specified for TV, internet and home phone services.

To be more precise, Comcast was all set to merge with NCB in the year 2010, but because it already was a big name as a TV and internet service provider, the marketing team assumed that adding more services to the same name could be confusing to the users. And this is how they came up with ‘Xfinity’, which led Comcast high-speed internet to become Xfinity internet and Comcast TV became Xfinity TV. Though many of their services are still under the name of Comcast, Xfinity is the brand name that most users come across these days.

Services offered by Xfinity 

  • Xfinity internet – Xfinity is the largest internet service provider in the US, with 26.5 million users as of the census of 2018. It started offering services in late 1996 and launched a program in 2011 which aimed towards offering cost-efficient internet service to the families whose children are qualified for reduced/free school lunches, to which around 2.2 Lakh households participated. Users are expected to pay the charges of internet subscriptions, and other than this, they charge an extra $14.00 per month for cable modem and $20 for internet installation. Most of their users trust their internet services as fast and reliable with excellent availability and good consistency. At the same time, their speed ranges from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps in most areas.
  • Xfinity wifi – Xfinity runs a vast network of wifi hotspots commonly known as Xfinity wifi, including several hotspots installed at public places and business locations. For an Xfinity mobile user or its internet subscriber, Xfinity allows them to access the fast and convenient wireless network of Xfinity wifi without any additional fee being charged.
  • Xfinity voice – Formerly known as Comcast digital voice, Xfinity voice is the landline telephone service that enables communication through the internet using voice over internet protocol, using a private network. This ensures the prevention of network congestion from snooping with the call quality. This service turned out to be a great success as it chose to use VOIP instead of the 3G and 4G. It makes sure that you receive top quality on every call you make and that it is affordable and convenient.
  • Xfinity TV – The cable television service by Xfinity has been one of their most active services, which can be understood more clearly by the fact that they hit around 24.8 million customers by 2007. With this service, you can get access to several selected channels and a vast on-demand library. They offer various deals depending upon the charges and media.
  • Xfinity home – Xfinity home is the service related to home automation and security. This service covers the granting of several installations dealing with home security such as fire alarm, burglar, surveillance cameras, and home automation. Unfortunately, this was proved to be not such a good idea for Xfinity, and it was reported by a magazine to have ‘potential to attract thieves.

Closing stages!

The long reach of Xfinity does not end here; other than Xfinity internet, wifi, voice and TV, there are more services that Xfinity offers, such as Xfinity mobiles and Comcast businesses etc. It is one of the oldest companies with the second-highest number of permanent users, and it holds extreme worth. Reports show that in the coming years, Xfinity is going to increase the TV fees up to $4.50, internet service by $3, and primary outlet TV boxes by $2.50, whereas there can be a decrease of up to $2.45 on the TV boxes on additional outlets. 

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