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Milesweb VPS

In today’s world, every business needs to get an online identity to expand its growth and to improve it online marketing business through various mode of the platform to get your set business online or if you want your website to get online then you have a good option that you can connect to your audience or customers through web hosting through that you can get your brand highlight in the market and make your essence present in the online world.

What is VPS and What is its Use?

VPS is a service that is offered by many hosting service providers but if you have to choose have some research and then compare which company offers the cheap Linux VPS pricing and overall features that are available to customers.

Virtual Private Server has changed the competitive landscape of the web hosting industry. In VPS what you get is one physical server is isolated into several Virtual Private Server and each physical server is divided into multiple servers with storage which includes the  RAM, Bandwidth, Space while the CPU usage is shared by all the virtual servers that have been set up on that host machine. Visit more for WordPress hosting.

Every VPS operates and are executed in the form of once physical dedicated server with root access that  is similar to dedicated server but is affordable than dedicated as it is costly. In VPS each and every user is given extra privacy and security which is better for customers to host their website.

Though lot of Hosting companies offer the VPS hosting services but I would like to describe you the individual experience of MilesWeb as they are highly recommended by many small and medium scale businesses in the hosting industry. Well let’s check out the MilesWeb hosting company which offers the cheap windows vps and reliable VPS hosting hosting service provider in India.  Their VPS Servers are seriously best performing grade VPS server and also MilesWeb VPS server comes along with innovative and modern technologies and their servers are based on KVM hypervisor with Robust infrastructure.

So, if you are searching for a new web hosting provider, there’s a good way to go through this article where you will get good idea of VPS hosting and its advantages.Need vps

So now why you need VPS?

Yes if you want to customize your machine for making compatible with different requirement of tools. On your VPS you get the root access, and you can install an operating system there and install software as per your requirements.

They are based on Cloud Infrastructure with built in SSD storage with high performance Intel CPU.

They offer best VPS features  –

  • SSH and Root Access
  • Resource Rich Scalable Plans
  • Free VPS Setup and Optimization
  • Fast Live Chat Response
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited Domains and Emails
  • Website Security

Reviews by customers to MilesWeb host –

hosting review


With VPS server, MilesWeb offers these excellent featurs for your hosting  –


  1. Solid-State Drives
  2. Free VPS Management
  3. The SSH and Root Access
  4. Resource Monitoring Dashboard
  5. Host Unlimited Sites
  6. Instant Provisioning
  7. No Setup Fee
  8. Robust InfrastructureRobusy

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  1. With VPS hosting, you occur a cost that is quiet affordable than dedicated server. The cost of running & maintaining the server across all businesses is lower than a dedicated server.
  2. You get more flexibility than that of shared hosting and also more better security. You can always customize your hardware & software configurations & also run your own applications.
  3. You get the independent FTP & POP access with your own VPS server. Other user’s use of FTP and POP email doesn’t affect your server access and speed.
  4. As you don’t need to share your space with others, it won’t affect the server up-time & get proper accessibility of your website.
  5. You are given root access, as VPS functions as an independent server. With shared hosting, it gives you only access to a directory on the shared server, which does not allow for software customization.
  6. Compared to dedicated server hosting, you require less technical knowledge. You can easily install and configure your applications through your user interface control panel.

This was figure in 2019 now they are around 20k clients worldwide.

Clients worldwide

Final Verdict

Choosing the perfect hosting for your growing business is very much important & necessary so selecting MilesWeb is often the best choice of many website owners at and budget friendly costing and their hosting is easily available at affordable prices.

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