6 Best Apps To Learn New Words And Increase Your Vocabulary

6 Best Apps To Learn New Words And Increase Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is to a language like what melody is to a song. It is an essential part of a word that makes the language more diverse.

If you are a student, working in a competitive world or a creator and you want to expand your horizons, learning English is a must for you. In this age of globalization, English has become an integral part of communication with teachers, co-workers, and bosses. Many people may try to deter you from your path of improvement by saying you need to learn English is a ‘post-colonial hangover’ don’t let their ignorant remarks stop you.

It has become necessary to possess excellent communication skills, among others, to climb the corporate and social ladder. If you are a writer, blogger, YouTube Creator, or a poet, you can improve your vocabulary and writing skills to reach a wider audience. You will need English to pass exams like SAT, GRE, TOEFL. You can do it in the comfort of your own home with practice and application.

There are plenty of remarkable apps available by every famous mobile app design agency in play Store on your mobile and tables that you can use to improve your vocabulary and hone your communication skills.

 Here are the top 6 apps that you can use to improve your English with constant practice.

Smart Vocab

Improve English with stories and videos!

 Smart Vocab has a variety of new words, along with their root words like you need to learn what are oxymorons, usage, and synonyms. The best feature Personalization. You can play personalized games and quizzes so that you can learn and retain new words.

This makes the learning process enjoyable. You can build mastery of your vocabulary by practicing phrasal verbs, idioms, and improve your spoken English by learning applications and proper pronunciations.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Another great app to increase your vocabulary, but you’ll have to pay for this! This app is targeted for students appearing in the GRE- Graduate Record Exam, TOEFL, IELTS. If you are aspiring to score high marks in these exams, then this app is tailor-made for you!

This app has a full length and timed and practice tests that students can attempt to improve their rank. Maggosh provides over 1200 practice questions and has a score prediction, which will enable you to understand where you stand.

Word Up Vocab-

In this app, you can set your difficulty level to- Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced.

Not only can you build a vast vocabulary and retain the words you learned by playing quizzes here, but you can also challenge a fellow wordsmith in a battle of vocals. What can be more exciting than to add to your plethora of words with a friendly duel of words?

BBC Learning English-

Learning English at the same time keeping up with news updates around the world. Sounds incredible, right? Here, the teacher can adjust his teaching pace to the learner’s pace. There is a myriad variety of programs that you can choose from. You can learn grammar, impeccable pronunciations from your favorite presenters.

 There are subtitles and transcripts below the video so that you can learn from them. News articles and clips have lists of words with meaning which you can learn. You can learn grammar, pronunciation with visual and audio aids that will make it easier to remember. Play quizzes after you have learned words of the day to evaluate yourself!


You can increase your verbiage by playing games, and it will not even feel like work! Here, you will have to match words with their correct definition. This also actually explains the meaning and usage of a word to you as your teacher will do! This is a far cry from learning and memorizing flashcards as here you learn words with the help of pictures and games. You will be continuously exposed to new concepts, and top rankers feature on the app’s leaderboard, which will encourage you to feature on one too!


This app provides images and sounds to boost your learning experience. Anki delivers an extensive amount of flashcards, which will help you to remember these words. You can make your customized flashcards with images and audio, or you can download pre-made ones that you can study in your spare time. This is the classical approach to increase your vocabulary for those who prefer it. The best part is that Anki automatically synchronizes to your cloud so that you will not have to worry about jotting the words down. Innovative and practical, you say?

Thus, these are six apps that will make your journey of improving your vocabulary fun and will make your learning experience enchanting. It will prove to be a panacea from the heavy dictionaries and thesaurus you would have had to hoard if it was not for these apps. So, avail these apps and learn as many new words as you can! What are you waiting for?

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