Mobile Applications for Your Business

Mobile applications for your business

If your competitors have already acquired mobile applications, then you should not lag behind: a tablet or phone today is a much more convenient and widespread means of communication than a computer. The user wants comfort – and he will be more willing to use services that have a high-quality mobile version. If your competitors don’t have such an app, be the first. People will certainly be drawn to you, especially if the mobile application will really solve their pressing problems.

At the same time, it often becomes necessary to transfer existing applications from a native basis to a cross-platform one, which significantly expands the functionality. In addition, you may need to create a cross-platform application from scratch. In our company TRIARE, such applications are developed by a professional team. After the launch of each application we have developed, the number of users increases significantly. People often come back to apps built in TRIARE.

Benefits of our cross-platform apps

TRIARE helps you optimize resources and keep staff from bloating. For example, to develop a native application, you need: 1 designer, 3 Android developers, 3 iOS developers, and a Q&A engineer. In the case of a cross-platform application, three or four developers per team with designers and Q&A engineers will be enough. Moreover, you do not need to invite even these specialists to the staff – we will do all the work ourselves for less money.

The number of people using the Internet primarily from smartphones is growing rapidly. From a business perspective, cross-platform apps are a unique opportunity to expand your target audience and increase sales. No wonder, because making a purchase or placing an order from a smartphone or tablet has become much easier than from a computer or laptop. Well, with the help of cross-platform mobile applications, such manipulations are completely reduced to a few taps on the display.

Why is TRIARE better than similar developers?

The developer community is large and growing. But the quality of their work is different. You can search for developers both on traditional recruiting resources and on social networks and industry communities. But in this case, you can hardly be sure of their qualifications.

It takes a long time to train developers. If you need an application with great functionality and a large number of integrations, then, of course, it is better to contact a team with experience in implementing such projects. It is important that the developers also had the skills to implement joint projects with clients. This is the experience that TRIARE specialists have.

The cost of developing any mobile application can be estimated when the budget and the amount of work performed are initially stipulated. As tasks are fixed and added during development, the scope of work changes. There is no single correct way to evaluate for cross-platform application development. It all depends on how complex the product is, what functionality will be implemented in it and what time frame is allotted for development. However, TRIARE, through close interaction with the client, makes the pricing process transparent, understandable and fair.

We guarantee:

  • quality;
  • operativeness;
  • saving time and money for the client.

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