7 Tips for Creating Your Dream Instagram Collage

Dream Instagram Collage

Instagram is the social currency of our day. We’re constantly exposed to different feeds, aesthetics, and more that make profiles visually appealing. A well-designed page needs excellent graphics and visuals to stand out in the overly saturated world of Instagram.

That’s where Instagram collage comes in. It’s a great way to curate your Instagram feed while showing off your unique personality and aesthetic. Looking for simple ways to take our Instagram posts to the next level? Here, we share seven tips for dreamy collages.

  1. Use Color and Contrast

Using colors to their full advantage is a great way to stand out.

You could do this by accenting the pre-existing colors in your photos by increasing the level of saturation. Another option is to add colorful graphics for some visual whimsy.

To make the colors pop, make sure they contrast against each other well. Use the logic of color wheels to determine the best contrasting colors.

  1. Add Texture

Your Instagram posts will pop with textured effects! Adding textures like grass, wrinkled paper, or water splotches can be a great way to make your pictures look unique.

Be sure to adjust the brightness of your texture, so it doesn’t overwhelm the original picture.

  1. Utilize Themes

When making an Instagram collage, it is always good to think about how you can weave in a story. A conceptual theme will help your followers relate better to you.

Some ideas of themes could be a trip you took, revisiting memories with a friend, or holiday-themed.

  1. Negative Space Is Your Friend

Collages are fun because there is so much going on! However, this can sometimes be a bit much – visually speaking.

By utilizing sufficient negative space, you’ll be leaving room for viewers to better take in all the elements of your post. Use an Instagram collage app to incorporate negative space into your project better.

  1. Get Creative with It

Don’t be afraid to add some creativity to your collage! Let your creativity shine through, from funny pictures to blooper images and funky graphics. 

This will help surprise and delight your followers!

  1. Prioritize Consistency

Use the same theme, or color range, or graphic style consistently. It can be jarring to see too much of a mishmash of ideas and visuals in one collage.

  1. Use Quotes

Quotes are a fun way to let your personality shine through on your feed. You could share a quote that’s inspired you or one that you’ve always loved. It also gives your followers something to engage with.

Instagram Collage: The Best Way to Stand Out

Creating an Instagram collage is the easiest way to stand out in the world of social media. 

When people arrive on your feed and see the curated effect as well as an organized layout, they may be impressed. This can lead to them following you and increasing your follower count!

If you’ve been looking to become an Instagram influencer, this is the perfect way to try it.

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