WII U Title Keys for Cemu and USB Helper in 2023 [100% Working Keys]

Wii Title Key for CEMU

Are you looking for WII U title keys for CEMU and USB helper for your game or 3Ds. Here Techshar.com are listed Wii U title keys which are 100% working in 2023, so you can easily access and get backup of your 3DS and Wii U games. Wii U USB Helper is compatible CEMU and other various emulators.

Wii U title keys are encryption keys used to decrypt and read the contents of Wii U game discs. These keys are unique to each game and are stored on the Wii U’s internal memory or on a Wii U gamepad. They are used to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of Wii U games.

What is the Use of Wii U Title Keys?

Title keys are used in conjunction with the Wii U’s built-in encryption system, which encrypts the game data on the disc in order to protect it from piracy. When a user inserts a Wii U game disc into the console, the Wii U reads the title key from the disc and uses it to decrypt the game data. This allows the user to play the game as intended.

Title keys can also be used to download and play Wii U games digitally, through the use of a service called “Wii U USB Helper”. This service allows users to download Wii U games from the internet and then use the title key to decrypt and play the game on their Wii U console.

It is important to note that obtaining Wii U title keys through illegal means is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and can result in legal consequences. Additionally, using title keys obtained through illegal means can also lead to a ban from the Wii U’s online service. Read MoreGTA Vice City Download

Wii U title keys are encryption keys that are used to decrypt and read the contents of Wii U game discs. They are used to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of Wii U games and can also be used to download and play Wii U games digitally. Obtaining title keys through illegal means is illegal and can result in legal consequences.

Wii U Title Keys for USA Regions

Title ID Title Key Name Type
5000010101800 75b6897ddf7e1b374446b24b81a89692 SiNG PARTY eShop/Application
0005000010101a00 40c6204eff2709fb7a614294b4aebaaa LEGO® CITY UNDERCOVER eShop/Application
0005000010101d00 79c7ec6e178c9c010ec6363380dbbcef New SUPER MARIO BROS. U eShop/Application
5000010102000 20e559ec5d5aedc6585bf5a19176b46e Nintendo Land eShop/Application
5000010102300 1eec9067c668f9941a43f2bab5b711ef Wii Fit U eShop/Application
0005000010102d00 9e62fcbfc35f6fb1fdc402e89d514cfe Hulu eShop/Application
5000010102 2dd0887fafc84b256d323f3f07ffea2f Amazon Instant Video eShop/Application
0005000010106b00 9edfaa1714b45def226d46bea8e51af1 Assassin’s Creed® III eShop/Application
0005000010106d00 6fe0279f7904ed304ee3237e0eb91e36 Super Mario Bros. eShop/Application
5000010107000 a77d5c335f9aa3014d3894ca36d21cd3 Super Mario Bros. 3 eShop/Application
5000010107500 d2dbb3cd9ac73d7f61d0181131ca42e6 Ice Climber eShop/Application
5000010107800 d07e552259334f4d25ea99ec1f33b97e Kirby’s Adventure eShop/Application
0005000010107c00 fdb15bb24ef95e44fcacdbf63872bad1 Mario Bros. eShop/Application
0005000010107f00 8864c7ccc70fee1d4061ddfe1d448870 Donkey Kong eShop/Application
5000010108200 f9d434872ac5f63fdcb00e2fb7a3ee69 Excitebike eShop/Application
5000010108500 12d435e8c04b3ae33d2d0e73589b82c9 Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop/Application
5000010108800 0f448a8826646c244b58e3372150b0a2 Balloon Fight eShop/Application
0005000010108b00 8a741f0ce1738c5d2ae4868f714b6659 Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream eShop/Application
0005000010108f00 7d8261c4f105ab0deca305c23e7e6b3f Super Mario World eShop/Application
5000010109200 1b406793f9c67f3608bd1c4abf0a07b1 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars eShop/Application
5000010109500 46f816e7a7cf84d03e0e18daac7ee0de Donkey Kong Country eShop/Application
5000010109800 0a5558a3e9a00b38a4c3e9ab5bf617f9 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past eShop/Application
0005000010109d00 24c5ee4748f4cb35ac2b5cfa645b7332 Kirby Super Star eShop/Application
000500001010a100 fac2f5891ea18a6b7c163f7d50c59c01 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest eShop/Application
000500001010a600 e12533bc664182902139fca4b4ce9baf Super Metroid eShop/Application
000500001010a900 1baf3214cb4b7a7b0aeb1b287d2e9d1a Super Mario Kart eShop/Application
000500001010ab00 4e2a55f304b20e1af742bfbc710f5f40 Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition eShop/Application
000500001010ac00 7092878593502e59e62b3b75de3de8b4 BEN 10 OMNIVERSE™ eShop/Application
000500001010ad00 34a8f7d901a8e0358377bff9ae13c779 Darksiders II eShop/Application
000500001010ae00 b685d174175996dfcef21b6a14c601b1 JUST DANCE 4 eShop/Application
000500001010af00 76e7ad38eed475ffbd7b416f49f34fe9 Marvel Avengers™: Battle for Earth eShop/Application
000500001010b000 09d8ec5ce3ee65070a0c6547488f2475 Rabbids Land eShop/Application
000500001010b100 f66341038a304cde6d06948eb2e09576 Rayman Legends eShop/Application
000500001010b200 0886588ff73a003586c5fced6d67232f Scribblenauts Unlimited eShop/Application
000500001010b300 5551978ae3dc104852b3b76a70a34390 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed eShop/Application
000500001010b400 7de26bbba768735f75d7342d42fdd37c ESPN Sports Connection eShop/Application
000500001010b500 9d19d3fbc05e588ec729b0f7e8481a61 TRANSFORMERS PRIME eShop/Application
000500001010b600 98794aaafdbf1b4c23433098130a080f Your Shape® Fitness Evolved 2013 eShop/Application
000500001010c700 af835c2a7fffd0908953ac2a3f1f2ab6 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games eShop/Application
000500001010cf00 Call of Duty: Black Ops II eShop/Application
000500001010d700 Skylanders Giants eShop/Application
000500001010d800 7aa1ebdb541f8ea4944da89c5c6b3c7b Madden NFL 13 eShop/Application
000500001010d900 4a0ce182bb53c237490a8553c2c39c5b FIFA Soccer 13 eShop/Application
000500001010da00 0ebfb7893acce0e5078aa3fedbf9d0ab NBA 2K13 eShop/Application
000500001010db00 2192a1cbaed3d29933d359edc5a53d3b Disney Epic Mickey 2 eShop/Application
000500001010dc00 Mass Effect™ 3 Special Edition eShop/Application
000500001010dd00 870725d3b027c64e1a5dc7aec3b150b9 ZombiU eShop/Application
000500001010e300 3fb76aadd8da76df19eb3a1e5bd9b03d Splinter Cell Blacklist eShop/Application
000500001010e400 a908126b0fd052e71a63c5d7bc9e46ca Game Party Champions eShop/Application
000500001010e600 007™ Legends eShop/Application
000500001010e700 Dangerous Hunts 2013 eShop/Application
000500001010e800 4d292e41f8903537c062bc4dc93782d5 Wipeout 3 eShop/Application
000500001010ec00 d20395e40428036c3978a46fb14dc3b2 MARIO KART 8 eShop/Application
000500001010f200 8ce451f28d9f544a682a597eae3b19a9 RISE OF THE GUARDIANS eShop/Application
000500001010f300 fa37b75fd0de03d2a297471477066c7c Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade eShop/Application
000500001010fa00 c365ff8989b27ba8582c3f88d6d41088 The Cave eShop/Application
000500001010fd00 TANK! TANK! TANK! eShop/Application
5000010110000 985297d338bd5e67c1e7d2aa7686bf10 TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Wii U EDITION eShop/Application
5000010110100 7f4c1594a962b11f09e280ca26b5f55b Nano Assault Neo eShop/Application
5000010110200 66640055d579631e8d529f89dc1bd693 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(NA) eShop/Application
5000010110500 e108bd218dc3f7284717ac03e47c1d96 Puddle eShop/Application
0005000010110a00 c0d5e622dd7b9634f79d33219ba9b722 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge eShop/Application
5000010111100 fa82d773d48272d5557b84c50a908440 Jeopardy! eShop/Application
5000010111200 f078096e475f6f22ed5c25c8d24256c8 Wheel of Fortune eShop/Application
5000010111600 Fast & Furious™: Showdown eShop/Application
5000010111700 5a080b45616b363252696004d61c97e4 Injustice: Gods Among Us eShop/Application
5000010112000 61c73b17a4ce3fc76e9e7311208ebb3a THE CROODS eShop/Application
5000010113300 25a842077683342147edb6e0fdd56891 The Smurfs™ 2 eShop/Application
0005000010113c00 Funky Barn eShop/Application
0005000010113d00 Rapala® Pro Bass Fishing eShop/Application
0005000010113f00 01a4b1306f2ea397670635411672349d Xevious eShop/Application
5000010114200 e0d2af7823a81a53a2c3b19aba0eb44e Yoshi eShop/Application
5000010114500 12e54749d55da3b7860bd6cd6fae4b5b MEGA MAN eShop/Application
5000010114800 46413ec30b2098c5e6e2f8c8200c78c9 MEGA MAN 2 eShop/Application
0005000010114c00 342ad79b013f8448cd245d7ecb34be78 The Legend of The Mystical Ninja eShop/Application
5000010115000 7b457c4cf4f6d2687f28395bafb97a56 Street Fighter Ⅱ The World Warrior eShop/Application
5000010115300 d83de52047320baa1ef9fd93e091ad3e Kirby’s Dream Land 3 eShop/Application
0005000010115f00 e80653ffd64c12c61f0ad6ba989a73df Zen Pinball 2 eShop/Application
5000010116700 7acd82a7a848b66ce38e47732f69405f KickBeat Special Edition eShop/Application
5000010118100 efa92db4408aa539cc242fee2daa6042 Barbie Dreamhouse Party eShop/Application
5000010118200 b7ba8acd86a2f18a5ff8419eef67d217 Monster High 13 Wishes eShop/Application
5000010118300 b24db5464bf5e4c01c99243f8f0767cf MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE eShop/Application
5000010119200 d8b676a81d6046f0cc44cb84f43f862e PAC-MAN eShop/Application
0005000010119a00 13bd5715e64f057e2610a8b8d99f87e9 F-Zero eShop/Application
0005000010119d00 40934f3d1964054ec790aafbf4df36f3 Kirby’s Dream Course eShop/Application
000500001011a000 afb11f81d2c9731414ab1905c1f32612 Super Ghouls’n Ghosts eShop/Application
000500001011a400 d19f04078c0573cb37ac7635d057be1c Super Street Fighter Ⅱ The New Challengers eShop/Application
000500001011a900 e80552cf3beb0d1a7021c671eb81c434 Spelunker eShop/Application
000500001011ac00 f50325a9c434bc61de544a924190f30e Lode Runner eShop/Application
000500001011ae00 fbc05c0e1255456ff74892d0c2c35b17 GRADIUS eShop/Application
000500001011af00 bf48cba8f97f28c4e077ffcbf353456e BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien eShop/Application
000500001011b100 2c2d1424e1ec6cf9919cb8bfdac47f8e Mighty Switch Force!™ Hyper Drive Edition eShop/Application
000500001011b200 2ba79c65ff2077607bd8a0e97962f353 Little Inferno eShop/Application
000500001011ba00 6bec67477275a17f712ca70185e7486f Uplay eShop/Application
000500001011c000 f85663120fe6da5f0c0ef97d74684124 Chasing Aurora eShop/Application
000500001011c100 09ecb0e5e2020f1117f8b5a405455016 Mutant Mudds Deluxe eShop/Application
000500001011c300 a9511789dc640766fefd40845c27a95e The Amazing Spider-Man eShop/Application
000500001011c500 fd5218d4c86ca8111925ad7780e720c1 Disney Planes eShop/Application
000500001011c600 2507945c23240767326ffda7e5571b68 Cloudberry Kingdom eShop/Application
000500001011f200 a096f20f1b44aae4fb99a0fa3c15f622 GAME & WARIO eShop/Application
000500001011f300 The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct eShop/Application
5000010128700 2fee323678485c05596bc6c708847852 Toki Tori 2+ eShop/Application
5000010128800 0d0c05e0b3d51deef35debdab0639a07 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U eShop/Application
0005000010128a00 aed949f11c67c14d3b3b62e8e22f91da Trine 2 Director’s Cut eShop/Application
0005000010128f00 0d7d95f5cea2ce86c0056eaed42c4098 SONIC LOST WORLD eShop/Application
5000010129000 e082b97981fac02cad32c783bf16a555 DuckTales: Remastered eShop/Application
5000010129500 65fc87aaf3419c04697b1fb59d961f1f Funky Barn (Download Version) eShop/Application
5000010129800 ed11a9f37e72df28b648f3ff3baf7e91 Donkey Kong Jr. eShop/Application
0005000010129c00 9d89b4aa5f7206732f33f1d7247eccdd Solomon’s Key eShop/Application
0005000010129f00 dbf21df28ad280478e383f91662c9116 MEGA MAN 3 eShop/Application
000500001012a600 6986ac7d67aaf30186ff3f11bcaf21d2 Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting eShop/Application
000500001012b900 0fbeb89d8f3894270283a9a7dcfef78c Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 eShop/Application
000500001012ba00 987059339eda4d4113068d4243f46f93 DEUS EX: HUMAN REV. DIRECTOR’S CUT eShop/Application


There has no doubt that Wii title keys for cemu and USB helper playing a vital roles to download and software or games into your pc or laptop, Techshar.com share a Wii title keys and USB helper to download in 2023 without any cost, so use these keys and enjoy it.

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