Grand Theft Auto: GTA Vice City Game Download for PC or Windows 10

GTA Vice City Free Download

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open-world game developed by Rockstar North. The game is based on the scenes of Miami City in the 1980s. The game involves urban sprawl, mafias, and criminal adventures. This city game features the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, who is on his quest to be at the top of the notorious criminal hierarchy.

Tommy Vercetti used to be a member of the Forelli crime family. After recently being released for 15 years of jail time, he performs a drug deal with the Vance brothers. But, the drug deal results in an awful mess when both the drugs and money are lost. He then embarks on a journey to find the people responsible for the ambush, linking up with many underworld criminals.

The game guides you along with the adventure of the city of vice. You can roam around the city and see what it has to offer. Navigate the map if you have any problem or aim to go to a specific location. You can drive vehicles, stroll around the beach, enter malls or discos, take a cab, listen to radio stations, and do many more. You can also earn money through various actions like missions, cab driver fares, pizza delivery, ambulance driver, and many more.

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Play action-packed missions that require in-game skills and intellectual thinking. These missions include backstories and cutscenes, which help you understand the plot. The subtitles, clear audio, and vibrant graphical features guide you through the missions you have to complete. As you complete the missions, more possibilities open up for you. New locations on the map will get unlocked, you can buy safe houses, and new missions will await you too. 

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GTA Vice City Details

  • Released Date: October 27, 2002
  • Developed by: Rockstar North
  • Published by: Rockstar Games
  • Produced by: Leslie Benzies
  • Programmer(s): Obbe Vermeij, Adam Fowler, Alexander Roger
  • Artist(s): Aaron Garbut
  • Writer(s): Dan Houser, James Worrall
  • Composer(s): Lex Horton
  • Series: Grand Theft Auto
  • Engine: RenderWare
  • Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Category: Open-World, Action, Adventure
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Ray Liotta does the voice acting of Tommy Vercetti. (Ray Liotta is an American actor who played in the movies like Goodfellas and Field of Dreams.)
  • Rockstar Games produced it after previous games like GTA III and Liberty City.

GTA Vice City Free Download

This game came out decades ago, but it is the second most popular game of the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games, only behind GTA V. You do not have to pay to download this game, and you can get it for free. Also, do not forget to complete side missions that you can play as you progress in the game. These side missions help you raise money and unlock new features as well.

If you are looking to play GTA Vice City for PC or Windows 10, then here is how you download and install GTA for free. Make sure you have enough space on your PC for the game files. Also, basic hardware devices like a keyboard and mouse or joypad are needed to play the game.

How to download the GTA Vice City Game?

You can download GTA VC on your PC Windows 10 for free by clicking on this link:

GTA Vice City Free Download Filehippo – Magic Link

How to install the GTA Vice City game? 

To install this game on your computer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the download link of GTA VC and save the setup file on your PC. 
  • Step 2: After saving the setup file, you need to open your download folder for installation.
  • Step 3: Unzip the rar file.
  • Step 4: Click on the setup and open it.
  • Step 5: After opening it, select your additional task and language and click “Next”
  • Step 6: Select your installation directory, where you want to install GTA Vice City on your computer. (You can choose any local disk you like as the directory)
  • Step 7: After that, install the game. It will just take a few minutes to complete the installation.

After the installation process is complete, you can open and play the game. You can customize the settings and preferences like controls, audio, languages, and many more.

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Features of GTA Vice City

There are plenty of great features in the game that you can enjoy, and these features help make the gaming experience more realistic and lifelike. 

  • Easy Gameplay
  • Helpful Guides and Tutorials
  • Clear Graphics and Audio
  • Great Storyline and Plot
  • Exciting Missions
  • Side Missions and Quests
  • Wide Range of Vehicles and Weapons
  • Convenient Map and Navigation
  • 10 Radio Stations and Custom Playlist
  • Customizable Controls
  • Third Person View
  • In-game Cheat Codes
  • Special versions of the game are also available

System Requirements

There are some requirements for your PC to play this game, and these are not high so that you can play the game on low spec PCs too.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/XP SP1
  • Processor: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or 800 MHz AMD Athlon or 1.2GHz Intel Celeron or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron processor
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Graphics: 32 MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers (“GeForce” or better)
  • Storage: 915 MB of free space
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Sound: Sound Card with DX 9.0 
  • ODD: 8 speed CD / DVD drive
  • Recommended peripheral: Gamepad (USB or Joystick Port) or Keyboard & Mouse

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/XP SP1 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor
  • RAM: 256(+) MB
  • GPU: 64 MB video card with DX 9.0 compatible drivers 
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Storage: 1.55 GB of free space 
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card 
  • ODD: 16 speed CD / DVD drive

GTA Vice City Free Download for PC Windows 10

If you want to download Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Windows 10, it is the same installation process as above. Like installing other games for Windows, download the installation file and complete the installation process. 

You can download this game for Windows 10 and install the game through the following link:

GTA Vice City Free Download for Windows 10 Filehippo – Magic Link

How to install the game? 

Follow the following step by step process to install the game on your PC:

Step 1: Click On Download Button.

Step 2: After Clicking On The Download Button, Click On Download GTA VC Button.

Step 3: Your Download Will Start Free Installation File.

Step 4: Download and Install The File & Then You Will Be Able To Install GTA Vice City.

Step 5: Follow The Instructions For an Easy Download of The Game.

Step 6: After Completing The Installation, You Can Enjoy Playing GTA VC PC For free.

Thus, follow the above steps and guidelines and download GTA Vice City. Enjoy playing.


There has no doubt that GTA vice city a fantastic game between all ages players, and we are happy to write about it, how to download GTA vice city via filehippo? There has many options to download original version but they are taken virus or irritated popup. Grand theft auto download via filehippo is totally secure and easy process to install into pc or mobile without any cost.

Rockstar North Company recently update GTA vice city game version in Feb 2022, and after the new version this game creates new adventure or creativity to play it, I hope you are enjoy to read then just Download this game or enjoy it.

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