Best Practices & Tips for Jira Workflows

Tips for Jira Workflows

Hoping that you would be an agile team, and if you are, you should definitely be aware of Jira software and how much you are capable of creating some really flexible workflows. Jira workflows are one of the important elements of developmental teams, and changing workflow in Jira is easy with Power Scripts.

Now let us understand a really important question

Why should you choose Jira Workflows?

Jira generally works on a flexible approach to the development of a product, unlike a typical project management software. Jira Software is a product platform that is a collection aimed at assisting teams that are flexible and allowing them to track as well as plan a great software.

The Jira server actually allows multiple frameworks, which includes various processes making it versatile as well as helping you manage all the phases of your workflow with proper visibility and improve data on performance-based reports.

Now let us understand some of the really important practices while working with Jira Workflows.

  • Try to Make Decisions that are Customer-Focused

Every action you take should be based on the needs of your customers. Keep this in mind while adding workflows, creating new workflows, defining specific issue fields, or resolving problem types in your Jira project. You must visualize the customer’s journey from beginning to end in order to continue to provide value to them.

User narrative maps are great tools for ensuring that your customers are at the center of everything you do. They assist teams in prioritizing tasks based on client requirements and provide a clear picture of the customer journey.

You can transform flat backlogs into really impactful visual representations of the customer journey With the help of story maps. This really integrates seamlessly with the help of Agile boards and design to help teams and value to customers frequently.

  • Try to Integrate Personas for a seamless understanding of your audience

Personas are the most effective way to empathize with customers. They ask key questions about users so that development teams may obtain a thorough grasp of the people who will use the product they’re developing. Move personalities to the top of your to-do list if you haven’t already.

Now let us simplify the definition of persona. A persona generally enquires important questions of the user in order to capture the purchase habits, drivers, behaviors, and so on and so forth.

  • Too much Detail is not Required

We hope that maybe you are already aware of this but let us explain. While you are actually working in Jira, try to avoid too much detail. Though we understand you may be inclined to add a lot of detail but don’t do it. When you overuse custom fields, it will lead to a greater response time on Jira, causing a lot of holdups. Hence, we recommend you not to complicate the structure. Also, when you are adding to the Jira workflow, try to think about your customer needs which will help you to make effective decisions.

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